Different Types of Real Estate

how to get a real estate license

Real estate is the sale and transfer of land rights between parties, and is traditionally done by a realtor. If you really enjoy working with people and helping them receive land and buy houses and buildings, then you might be asking yourself, how to get a real estate license? Well, first you need to know the type of real estate you want to get into.

There are four types of real estate that you can apply for, with each one requiring different sets of knowledge. First, there is residential real estate, that is real estate for houses and vacation homes. If people want to buy or sell houses and homes, they will need a residential realtor.

Commercial real estate deals with malls, schools, hospitals, and apartments. If the building is owned to generate some value of money for a company or individual, then it is a commercial building. This is why apartments are labeled with commercial real estate, because someone is making money off of it.

Industrial real estate includes buildings that store, research, produce, and share goods, such as warehouses and manufacturing plants. They are the industry that powers everything else, and their real estate is handled differently than most.

Finally, there is the selling of land, where farms, ranches, and underused plots of land are classified.
As a realtor, you will help people buy and sell properties of those four types, and you can either dabble in all of the types or specialize in one.

The method of getting a license is the same across all of the types, but it does depend on the state for some of the specific details, such as pre-license education. Check for all of the requirements and pick the field you want to specialize in, and then you can get started!