Most people go to the beach with friends or family. They hit the sand and swim and participate in various other water-related activities that make the day special. But sometimes, a day at the beach alone is in the books. What better way to spend the day alone than at one of the quiet beaches in north carolina? There are many ways to spend the day alone at the beach, including:

·    Read a book. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to indulge in the pages of a good book for some time now, but just haven’t found the time or the place to do it. Why not take that book with you and read while at the beach?

·    Play in the sand. Who says that sand is only fun for kids? Start scooping and building all of those sand castles and relieve the joys of childhood all over again.

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·    Music. We all love to listen to music. It takes us to our happy place where we want to be. Bring along your iPod to the beach, ensuring that it is filled with your favorite songs, and let the music take you away.

·    Suntan. Sometimes you need nothing more than a little sunscreen, a lawn chair, and a towel to enjoy a day alone at the beach. If you want to get a tan, bring along these items and let the fun times roll!

So, as you can see, there are many ways to spend a day alone at the beach and none of them will cause you to experience any boredom. While it is great to hit the beach with the people closest to you, sometimes it is even more fun to go alone, especially when the activities listed above are on the agenda.